Endorsements for Planetary Healing

Planetary Healing: Spirit Medicine for Global Transformation, an anthology of personal, intimate stories from Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert, offers valuable insight and a strategic plan to more effectively redefine the path of human evolution. The book’s guided shamanic journeys are personally transformative through their ability to induce a state of calm consciousness expressed as a-EEG brain activity. Planetary Healing’s informative and nurturing insights offer readers an opportunity to actively manifest new positive and empowering futures that benefit humanity, Mother Earth and all of life.”

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., Cell biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles and coauthor of Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future (And A Way To Get There From Here).

“Einstein’s contention that, ‘you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it’ plays out daily on the world stage. In this unprecedented time of global chaos and change, Planetary Healing taps into a whole new level of mind. The brilliant shamanic journeys in these pages connect the reader with the courage, compassion, and creativity so needed to birth a new world that works for us all.”

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., Author of Minding the Body, Mending the Mind and It’s Not the End of the World: Developing Resilience in Times of Change

Planetary Healing is a treasure trove of teachings and spiritual practices for transforming ourselves and the planet. Together Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert reach into the wealth of their life experiences with great passion to share with us vital information for our survival. Great work!”

Sandra Ingerman, MA author of Medicine for the Earth and Awakening to the Spirit World

One can’t even begin to turn the opening pages of Planetary Healing without becoming fully engaged… I couldn’t put it down. I felt like I had fallen down the rabbit’s hole into a whole new world! The story-telling alone is magnificent, as Nicki and Mark, two extraordinary individuals in an extra-ordinary marriage, share their personal journeys into the realm of alchemical healing. But the heart and essence of Planetary Healing is far more than ‘good story telling’. Their intention for their readers is ‘nothing less than transformation at the deepest level’. And they deliver on this promise, giving tools and practices to foster a deeply personal and planetary healing journey for each individual willing to be a catalyst of change. They’ve created a true wisdom book, fabulously interesting, inspiring and utterly transformative.

Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist & author

“Grab your paint brush and set up your easel. This book is more than a museum of the past and a fantasy of the future. It is a call to action, to co-creation. Its message —’Don’t despair; create a new reality’— goes beyond the usual ways of approaching the current ecological crisis. It skillfully guides us to effective ways to enhance our relationships with ourselves, others, and our planet. Come! Add your strokes of love and healing, joy and yearning, to the canvas. Dream a future perfect. Weave a web of wholeness.”

Susun S. Weed, author Wise Woman Herbal Series

“This is the most ambitious work thus far for Nicki Scully, joined by her partner, Mark Hallert. They give us tools and resources to take a quantum leap in our evolutionary intelligence as we collectively move through the narrows of planetary challenges. It especially lends itself to joining with others in going through the visualizations together, as provided on the CD. Planetary Healing goes a long way in assisting us to creatively implement positive change in our lives and in the world.”

Justine Willis Toms, Co-Founder, New Dimensions Radio/Media and author of Small Pleasures: Finding Grace in a Chaotic World

Planetary Healing brings to life the tapestry of the inner realms as a path to conscious evolution and transformation for the self and the planet. Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert provide a rare opportunity to look behind the curtain of their magical sacred union into the inner workings of their spiritual journeys, sharing personal stories, rites of passages and practical tools that inspire and invite the reader to awaken the healer, visionary and mystic within.”

Danielle Rama Hoffman, author of The Temples of Light

“Nicki Scully and Mark Hallert are authentic loving examples as true Planetary Healers and Visionaries. Their fierce compassion and loyal dedication to their sacred love and work together has carried them through many powerful shamanic journeys on the “path” and has led them to an ultimate truth that permeates the pages of this book…their Spirit Medicine is a soothing balm for a troubled world that is finally ready to remember that the healer lives within all of our hearts.”

Linda Star Wolf, author of Visionary Shamanism and Shamanic Breathwork