Introduction (excerpt)


This book is written for those who are motivated by love and compassion to engage with the events and situations that cause suffering on our planet. Such engagement, when played out in the spiritual arena, results in the potent release of energy, creation, and healing.

We believe in our ability to create change. It begins with any heartfelt response to events and situations, and grows when fueled by a passionate commitment to serve in creating a better future for ourselves and for future generations.

We started researching this book when we were looking for new tools for our students of Alchemical Healing. Our aim was to find spiritual techniques that would help us both envision solutions to the current challenges on our planet and make the fundamental changes necessary to adapt to and survive these challenges.

There are some survivalists who think that colonizing space will give us a place to which we can escape. Personally, we would rather keep our precious planet, return it to the Garden of Eden on a massive, all-encompassing scale, and still send ships to the planets and the stars for the adventure and the intellectual thrill of it.

While visiting Peru recently, we learned that the astonishing structural creations of the Incan civilization—their temples, stone cities, terraced gardens, irrigation channels, and marvels of agricultural achievement—were all designed and built in a span of a hundred years.

The many designers involved applied a shared vision of enhancing human life while working in a spiritual and harmonious balance with nature. It was a group effort that has yielded tremendous inspiration toward sustainable development.

When we compare this with what our own industrial revolution has produced during the past one hundred years, a divergence in priorities becomes garishly obvious. We started out with a keen sense of aesthetics: early engines, iron buildings, and pieces of furniture were works of art and beautiful to behold. But then something began to change as science and technology began to evolve and progress at an astounding pace: utility replaced beauty, and we conquered and expended the gifts of nature rather than honor her with the respect and appreciation she deserves. In the name of progress, technology has become our religion, and arrogance the limiting lens through which we relate to our world.

Some obvious questions come to mind: How can we bring forward the lessons learned and lived by the ancient civilizations, and fold the best of them into our way of life while avoiding the pitfalls and cruelties that often accompanied them? How can we spur the pace of change without opening the process to threats of violence and misdirection? And if a major step forward in human evolution is required for us to survive, what will that global transformation look like and how will it come into being? It is unlikely that we can change our direction fast enough to avoid certain consequences using ordinary means, such as revolution, war, the voting process, or the judicial system. We simply do not have enough time. Even a fundamental shift in our paradigm—the way we view and interact with our environment, one another, other life forms, and the earth itself—though necessary and important, will come too late unless we can change not only our minds, but our physical attributes as well.

Only a quantum leap in our evolution, in our intelligence actually, will position us to realize the possibility of the glorious and harmonious future that has been the promise of the Golden Age.

The number of people who have explored, expanded, meditated on, and otherwise altered consciousness is growing, to be sure. Many of us Our Stories 3 have had moments of experiencing the oneness, the All, the full presence by which we align individually with the mind of God. However, most of us cannot yet sustain such states over time. Perhaps now we must learn to jump-start our dormant sensibilities, or even create new ones. Yet we cannot really know entirely what capacities and techniques we will need in the coming reality.

Further challenges await us if and when we enter this new dimension of awareness. Cultural, societal, and survival pressures work like gravity to pull us back into the old paradigm.

Our quest is to enter a dimension of utter wholeness, where the entire encyclopedia of all knowledge is available to our consciousness— a true wisdom book that can be read forward and backward throughout time. In this dimension, an amplified intelligence would be the medium of our existence. What can be known must be experienced with a new set of tools for sensory comprehension so that we can articulate that for which we currently have no words. Actually, were we to achieve this goal in the numbers that it would take to make an evolutionary shift for our species, I doubt that words would be necessary.