We are living on a planet in crisis. Never before in recorded history have so many people walked the surface of Earth, and never before has the human species achieved the power to destroy life on such a scale as we have reached today. As more and more people awaken to the cocreative power we share with one another and with Spirit, the potential to become active participants in determining the future of our world grows with the overall population. The potency of our thoughts, intentions, and actions exponentially increases as people in growing numbers consciously combine forces—we can now redirect and reinvent our evolutionary trajectory.

Tools, practices, and processes in this book are designed to foster new ideas and increase creativity in solving problems. Our intention for our readers is nothing less than transformation at the deepest levels. The urgency we feel has motivated us to seek immediate and efficient solutions; and the primary arenas of our research include alchemy and shamanism. Both require deep commitment and presence and a willingness to step outside the comfort zone of more traditional doctrines such as science and religion.

Shamans have been crossing the veils between worlds for millennia. From their travels in altered states they bring back information, wisdom, and power for their communities. Their path is difficult, and rarely one that is intentionally sought. Rather, it is one to which a person is called, often after traumatic illness, visions, and dreams, or having been struck by lightening, or having been recognized by the elders of their tribe or community. Their training is rigorous, and despite the fact that no religion or specific doctrine is associated with shamanism, true shamans live a life of service, almost always accompanied by a more ordinary way of making a living.

Most shamanic traditions that we have investigated include the use of sacraments, psychoactive plants used both as medicines and for communion with Spirit, or God. Many countries worldwide, in their attempt to solve a very real problem of drug abuse and dependency, have lumped all uses of mind-altering substances together, labeled them dangerous, and made them illegal. Consequently, most Western cultures have been generally dismissive of shamanism, and there has been little support for people who have spontaneous shamanic experiences or initiations with no appropriate guidance or interpretations available.

This book is not meant to be confused as a primer for shamans. We offer techniques that are shamanic in nature, requiring practitioners to travel and explore other dimensions during their ongoing quest for solutions. Readers are responsible for their own experience. Although we are experienced in, and have been inspired by our psychedelic explorations, it has always been our intention to bring to the world shamanic methods that do not require the use of mind-altering substances of any kind.

We are striving for a quantum leap in consciousness that allows access to information and wisdom from a higher source of intelligence than the collective stream that has brought us to this brink. Perhaps the invocation of a new “smart gene” is in order. It is our hope and desire that you will find inspiration in these pages. Life on planet Earth is a collaborative painting, ever a work in process. We are all artists who continue to contribute with our thoughts, our insights, and our love. May your journeys bring you wisdom and joy, and may your efforts bring healing, peace, and harmony to our world.