Chapter 21: The Parabola– A New Vision for Healing Cancer

(includes guided visualization below)

In Egypt, there is a healing god called Khonsu, a moon god related to Thoth. It has been said that when Khonsu is called in to perform a healing, the diseases come to attention. They know they will be feasted and honored—and then they will go away happy.

I learned about the healing prowess of Khonsu while researching for Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, and I too came to attention: we had been using a similar modality for cancer for a few years by then. This new response to cancer entered Planetary Healing during a healing session for a friend with metastasized breast cancer in 2004. Janice lay at the center of a circle of seventeen women in her home in Portland, Oregon, while I conducted a healing with Mark by way of speakerphone from our home in Eugene.

I directed everyone to begin with the Heart Breath in order to make sure that every person was heart centered and that we were connected through the expanded heart flame of the group. We used the breath like bellows to increase the glow from our heart flames until we had generated enough light for a cohesive connection among us. As soon as we made the energetic connection to Janice and her circle, Mark began pacing; something new was coming in, new and unexpected. This would be the blueprint for a very different way of dealing with cancer—the concept of enlisting the cancer cells to depart not only from the body, but from our planet as well.

Mark saw a parabolic structure that was shaped like the circle of women surrounding Janice. It emerged in his vision as a vessel, with Janice at its center. It was immediately clear why the vessel was a parabola: any support that entered it would reflect to Janice in its center, and anything transmitted from Janice in the center would be directed straight up into the sky.

I found myself invoking—and suggesting that others invoke—any spirit guides and totem allies, ancestors, and deities of all pantheons that were willing to help us with our healing work. Intuiting that the circle of women could be more effective if they were conducting the universal life force energy through their hands, I guided them to breathe open their hands from the inside, using the Heart Breath, so that the powers of Earth and Sky would enter the stream of energy passing through them, and through their hands. (Please note: healers who use their personal energies are in danger of depleting themselves. The universal life-force energy awakened in this way is infinite and always accessible once the conduit is opened.)

As the women directed energy to Janice, it became apparent that energy was being offered from every direction and dimension in the universe. At the focal point of the parabola, Janice was poised to receive it easily. She spoke her willingness to accept help and healing from all who were present. I suggested that she relax her body and open, much as she would during a lovemaking experience. Once it became apparent that Janice was filled to capacity, it was time for Janice to release her cancer and allow the energized flow to carry the cancer cells away and into the universe.

As the flow began to shift, Mark had a vision of the huge, expanding universe, hungry for new material and intelligence to nurture life on planets where the attributes of cancer cells would be welcome. Janice spoke her willingness to assist the cells in their departure with the help of the energy being transmitted from the parabola. She honored the disease and invited the cancer cells inhabiting her body to take this opportunity to leave. It was clear to all of us by then that we could use the parabola to conduct the cancer cells out in a way that was attractive not only to us, but to the cancer cells as well.

We then visualized the cancer cells as seeds carrying life to new places in the expanding universe.

As Janice transmitted the cancer cells from her place at the focal point in the center of the parabola, it seemed as though cells were flooding forth like a stream from a high pressure hose out into space, heading off on a new adventure.

We observed the transmission of the cancer cells peaking, then ebbing, until all the cells that relinquished themselves during this process had disappeared into space.

The amount of energy that passed through the healers in the circle was great, but they were not through yet. It was now time for Janice to be refilled. Although there are very few rules that govern Alchemical Healing, some are all-important: when we remove inappropriate energies from the body, we must offer them somewhere to go. We must be responsible for conducting such energies safely, with a prayer for their transformation into their highest potential. At the same time, whenever something is taken out, it must be replaced with something more appropriate, or filled with sufficient energy to make sure the healing holds. There can be no space allowed for something undesirable to enter. When this rule is followed, the entire being is strengthened rather than diminished. The flow of energies for refilling Janice initially came from the group, but soon took on qualities and strength from a greater source— so great, in fact, that the whole circle was being replenished with love and compassion. Once Janice and her supporting circle were fully refilled, we all grounded and centered ourselves, and remained for some time in a state of awe.

Teleconference technology works well for this kind of ceremony. I began conducting cancer healing phone bridges soon after the session for Janice, and continued holding monthly group healing ceremonies via phone and web for six years. During these sessions we could sense the eagerness of the cancer cells to depart on their unique adventure, once they had been appropriately acknowledged and honored. Participants on these bridges have cancer, know someone who is dealing with cancer, or join the circle to add their support.

You can listen to a number of recordings of parabolic phone bridges at in order to follow my voice leading the following journey.

Janice was in remission for several years before her cancer returned. At this writing, she is still fighting the good fight. As you participate in the ceremony below, please include Janice into the center of the parabola when it is time.

Recipe for Parabolic Healing

Although this process is ideal for a group or circle, individuals can practice it too. Whether alone or with others, you will always be working with the original and ever-growing circle. You can enter into this ritual on your own behalf or that of other people suffering with cancer. You, or the others you wish to work on, will be placed into the center of the parabola once your connection to it is well established and the flow of energy is strong. If you do not have anyone specific in mind, you can focus on a particular hospital, send out a general call for anyone who has cancer anywhere in the world, or stand in support of others. The addition of your focused energy is always utilized and appreciated.

In the process we have developed, we neither judge nor banish the cancer cells and see nothing intrinsically evil about them. They leave of their own accord, and once they have left, their trajectory always takes them away from Earth, away from us. Many respondents to our phone bridge healings have spoken of feeling a sense of relief, even joy from the departing cells. Perhaps they are responding to a call or need elsewhere that is more appropriate for them, even useful. Perhaps, as some have described, our clear intention, coupled with the power of the parabolic form that carries it, encourages a wholesale exodus of the cancer. In any event, the ceremony provides an opportunity for us to engage in a moment of heart-centered, proactive co-creation and problem solving.

In no way do I suggest using this method for other virulent cell structures such as infections or other non-cancerous diseases. Cancer cells are unique in that they seem to have beaten the system, so to speak, and in doing so have revealed an intriguing intelligence. In the laboratory of the human body, there are complacent cells that act the way we expect them to, as they have for generations. These are subject to programmed cell death, or apoptosis, the mechanism that forces each cell to keep to the general cycles of cell life, dying when damaged or no longer needed. Cancer cells, on the other hand, are super cells that have overcome the limits imposed on normal cell life and reproduction.

Our parabolic vessel helps us to focus the cancer cells and send them out into the universe. The parabola is a mathematical curve that is often used in everyday life. Imagine a satellite dish as an example: this is not a random shape; it is a parabola in receiving mode. The dish gathers all of the incoming information from satellites and, regardless of where that information hits on the surface of the dish; it bounces that information to one focal point. Consider, too, a car headlight. The parabolic dish that surrounds the bulb is in sending mode, and serves to focus the light from the bulb into a beam that shines directly ahead where we need to see.

Here, we use this parabolic structure to help us direct cancer cells from Earth out into the universe. Each cell is on its own journey. They start out crowded together in a tightly focused beam that is constantly changing direction with the rotation of our planet. As the beam becomes diffuse, they drift farther apart until each is truly alone. Sooner or later, each cell will fall to the surface of some receptive planet. This planet, once too hot or too dry, will have sufficiently evolved (as new planets do) for life to take a foothold despite ongoing harsh conditions. Through eons of evolution, this life will continue to evolve from that little spark to a world full of complex and varied life forms. There are billions of galaxies, each containing billions of stars.

How many planets exist that are ready for life is unknowable, but the cancer cells seem willing to take the opportunity we offer. While some cells may end up voyaging for eternity and others may fall into a star or black hole, think of what it means to be the one cell that jump-starts a whole ecosystem.

The earth spins as it wanders through space. Consequently, every time the parabolic ritual is used, the dish is aimed at a different area of the universe than ever before. Even when it looks as if it is aimed at a place covered during a previous exercise, the angle will have changed, and new “targets” will be exposed.

In this visualization, we invite the cancer to leave the host they are harming and go to a place where each cell may be the spark of life that takes root on a planet that is ripe for life.

In Alchemy, we begin with identifying the “matter,” the prime material that requires transformation. I think of the colloquial question “What is the matter?” Cancer is certainly a worthy “matter” to be transformed alchemically. Although this process can and will benefit individuals, it is ideal for use at the collective level, where group energies intentionally expressed create the strongest influence. This vessel is strengthened by each and every person who takes this journey.

Parabola Meditation

Start by grounding and centering. If you are working with others, acknowledge the people in the circle. If you are alone, take a moment to honor your own willingness to do this work, and take your place in the original circle that continues to be strengthened every time this journey is taken.

Focus on your heart flame, and feed your flame with love. . . . Notice how your heart flame grows. Bring in the Heart Breath, starting with the Earth Breath and moving into breathing in through the crown the intelligence and beneficent energies from the cosmos. . . . When you exhale, send the energy out in every direction from the heart.

Take a moment to align yourself with the universal love that permeates the universe. . . . Build a strong fire with this alchemy. . . . The radiant light that is emitted connects to the heart flames of others who are working with you as well as all of those who have done this work before. Feel your connection to the large and growing circle. . . .

As you connect, continue to practice your Heart Breath, feel your heart flame unite with the heart flames of the other people who are part of this circle. . . . Feel the geographical span of the greater circle. It is as though you are part of a great, glowing circle whose light gets stronger with each breath. . . .

Invite your spirit guides, ancestors, deities, animal totems, plant spirit allies, and any intelligence throughout the creation that is willing to help and support you and all participants in this process. . . . Now shift the focus so that you are exhaling from your heart into the center of the circle. Notice how the circle creates the shape of a parabolic curve—the vessel you are surrounding is a parabola. As you continue breathing the Heart Breath, allow the energy of compassion to flow from your heart, through your hands, and into the center of the circle.

As the current gets stronger, and when all present are fully engaged and connected, place yourself in the center if you are the one with cancer, or call into the focal point those you wish to work with who are dealing directly with the disease. As we invoke the energies of Earth and Sky through this parabola, the center of our circle becomes the antenna. If you are in the center, speak your willingness to receive and be strengthened by the energies that are flowing into you. . . . Relax, and open further to the energies pouring into the center from every direction—from the outer circle, from the Earth as directed through our Heart Breaths and our hands, and from the intelligence of the stars and the outer cosmic energies.

When the energies in the focal point feel full to you, they can be extended throughout the circle, until all present are full. . . . Now it is time to redirect the flow of energy and send the cancer cells out, straight up from those in the center of the circle. Invite cancer to respond to your call, stating your intention and honoring out loud. Salute the cancer cell. Thank it for the depth of its teachings. Honor its potential out in the universe where it will help instead of harm, and offer your prayers that it will achieve its highest potential. As you appeal to its intelligence, honor with confidence its ability to find its way.

Continue to hold your intention as the migration of cancer cells begins. . . .

In response to the invitation, the cancer cells start to leave, transmitted outward from the parabola. As the group continues to transmit the energies, the flow of existing cancer cells gets stronger. By virtue of the size and power of the collective circle, the transmission flows in such a strong current that it attracts many cancer cells from hosts who have not been specifically included in the process. [Long pause.]

Not all the cancer will evacuate at once, but we can hope that we are conducting a portion each time we do this. Keep up the transmission by simply paying attention as the process continues. . . . Allow plenty of time for the process to complete itself. . . . This is a moment of power.

Now is the time for you to simply hold space for something unimaginable to occur; open to divine intervention. Take the time you need to observe and enjoy this part of the transformation process.


Eventually, you (and your group) will move into a sense of completion. This feeling of being spent reflects the void created by the new absence of cancer and the waning flow of energy. When you feel complete for this round, it is time to refill. Remember what it was like to be in the womb, connected to your mother through an umbilical cord. Each of us, and the entire parabolic vessel, is connected to the Great Mother. It is from this vast and infinite source that we are filled and renewed. Allow yourself to experience the vital energy from the Mother entering and pouring through your entire body, your consciousness, your soul, and your spirit. [Pause.] When you and every other being holding space in the parabola are filled, offer your gratitude. It is important to honor and give thanks to all beings supporting this work: all the unseen spirits, your totems and guides, deities of various pantheons, the great mysteries, the plant spirits, the energies and powers of the earth and the cosmos. Remember to thank yourself and everyone who has taken time to strengthen the parabola to lessen the suffering on the planet. Take a moment for honoring and thankfulness.

Pause. . . .

Ground and center. . . .

As you slowly and gently return to your current place, know that the parabola continues to function. Also, the structure of the parabola that you have tuned into remains viable beyond the time when you are focusing on it. Remember that it is strengthened every time anyone does this work. You can return to the energy of healing with the parabola at any time.

You should drink a full glass of water after you complete this meditation.

Record your experience in your journal.