CD Excerpt: The Heart Breath

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This journey is a 6-minute excerpt from the audio CD included with the book. This guided mediation provides the invocation that you will do with every visualization practice.

In order to be most effective in any intentional act of healing, co-creation, or transformation, all Planetary Healing work starts from and is threaded through the heart center. True wisdom is perceived from the heart. Every process, every meditation, and every act of healing and conscious creation you will encounter in this book starts with the Heart Breath: you get centered and focused in the heart space, and develop and direct your intention from the heart. This process will allow you to quickly and easily bring yourself into alignment with the higher purpose of this work. Initially published in Alchemical Healing, the Heart Breath has been employed by thousands of practitioners around the world. It is efficient and effective, and its value accrues with use.

The Heart Breath practice will help you to establish a direct connection with the intelligent source of our universe. You can use it as part of a daily meditation practice or any time you need to bring yourself back to center; returning to the Heart Breath will allow you to maintain center as you function throughout your day. It can serve as a beacon with which to call forth appropriate guidance to help you meet your needs at any time. We employ the Heart Breath often, and have found that it restores clarity of thought during times of emotional upheaval or crises. Consistent practice of this process, however you use it, will result in a saner, more balanced awareness that you can sustain.